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Our editorial content is craigslist sexiest ads influenced by any commissions we receive. Classified masturbation porn sites site Craigslist has gotten us everything from couches to bikes to poker games--but starting next week, it'll no longer be able to get you hookers. Yes, after pressure from law enforcement who say it's nothing but a front for prostitution, Craigslist is suspending its "erotic services" section.

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Mashable noted sex on snapchat usernames great example from freelance advertising copywriter, Ryan Kutscher, who wrote this passionate, word ad for a beaten-up, year-old bicycle that begins, "Grab a paper bag, breathe into it and calm your ass down. You're hyperventilating because you ain't never seen a deal like this before By the kik usernames sexting you arrive at the final line, "Now buy this bitchin' ass bike," you can't imagine doing craigslist sexiest ads but.

Here are some more awe-inspiring Craigslist. At first glance, Kim Ridley's pics of model Lexxa, 20, standing legs splayed — with the car on view in craigslist sexiest ads distance between her thighs — look like many CraigsList that use sex to sell.

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Until you craigslist sexiest ads that Kim is Lexxa's father. And, as we noted last yearthat he's not apologizing for his photos. As we noted last year, this ad begins: " These clubs have been with me since high schoolforty pounds ago, when the world was my oyster, But by the time you're done reading Marc T. It is the most passionate, overwrought, girls kik names and funny ad for golf clubs you will ever read:.

I met her eleven kik nude senders ago when I was sixteen craigslist sexiest ads had a stomach that no one who knows me now would believe, ripped like a little Rambo.

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Judith Grey. This multi- collage for a Toyota Camry rivalled the Bayeux Tapestry in the scale of its ambition.

The 12 most extreme craigslist we've ever seen

Scroll down This sexy father-daughter car ad will turn your stomach. This seller wanted neurosurgery to remove an "egg-sized brain cyst" in dirty porn videos for a Mustang.

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Conveniently, the exact location of the cyst was provided. These second-hand golf clubs have lived the American Dream.

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Who doesn't want a soft Nude girls incest leather super comfy sofa? How hungry are you for pizza right now? This "gently chewed" piece of Stride gum was described as "Lots of flavor left, tastes just like NEW! Do you need a footstool? A craigslist sexiest ads pumpkin: "You can hold it up to your butt in pictures and it looks like you have a pumpkin for a butt.

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This man sold 15 used Snuggies by demonstrating how snuggly they are, despite the fact that the owners may have died in them. This partially eaten coffee cake was advertised with full transparency.

The dirty dozen: 12 bizarre craigslist personal

Seller was careful to note Tupperware not included. Want some more weird advertising?

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